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Livestock Feed Belton, TX

Livestock Feed & Hay

At Barfield’s Hay Company, we are committed to providing our customers only the highest quality products. When it comes to your feed and hay, it is important that you are purchasing products that will offer your livestock the nutrition they need. Let our team help you pick out the feed brands and hay bales that are best for your needs! Located in Belton, TX, we are proud to offer both local and national products to keep your animals happy, healthy, and at peak performance.

Animal Feed

West Feeds Belton, TX

West Feeds

Barfield’s Hay Company is a West Feeds dealer. West Feeds offers high-quality products, locally made in West, TX. We offer many of their products in store, but if we don’t have what you are looking for, we can order it for you.

Total Equine Feed

Total Equine Feed offers nutritious feed based on scientific research in equine dietary needs to promote health and performance. The main ingredient in this feed is delicious alfalfa hay!

Total Equine Belton, TX
Ful-O-Pep Belton, TX


Barfield’s Hay Company is a Ful-O-Pep feed vendor.

Show Feed Brands

Looking for products from the show feed brands below? Give us a call at 254-931-6766 to order!

Show-Rite Belton, TX


Premium feeds to help your animals reach top performance! Great for:

• Pigs   • Cattle   • Sheep   • Rabbits   • Goats


Give your livestock the quality, nutritious feeds they deserve with Sunglo Feeds! These products are created based on research and extensive knowledge in animal nutrition.

Sunglo Belton, TX


All of our hay is delivered to us. You can choose to either pickup or order your bales!

Alfalfa Hay (Arizona)

Comes in three-string bales weighing between 95-100 pounds. You won’t find any blister beetles in this hay, guaranteed!

Coastal (Local)

Bales weigh between 55-60 pounds. Can be purchased for a discount when you buy bundles of 21 bales.

3 String Bermuda (California)

Bales weigh 100+ pounds and contain about 16% protein.

Wheat Straw

A great option for bedding and decor. Comes in 38-inch-long bales.

Round Bales (Bell County)

Coastal rounds weighing 1,500 pounds. 5 x 5.5 dimensions.

Proudly Providing Quality Products, Every Day

Since 2008, Barfield’s Hay Company has been committed to providing our customers with the quality products they need, at affordable prices!

Come Say “Hay”

Visit the store today to pick up your hay and feed, or contact us at 254-931-6766 to place an order! We are proud to offer only the highest quality products and look forward to serving you.

Hay and Livestock Feed Belton, TX


Hay Company

Come Say "Hay"

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